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My top priority is to achieve the best possible results for every criminal client I represent in criminal cases, OVI, DUI, or traffic cases. To achieve these results, I will defend your rights, protect your future, and do everything I can for my clients. As a licensed Columbus Ohio Attorney, I can give immediate and personalized service that you would expect from a friend. You have more options than you think.

Types of Felony

A Criminal Felony is generally punishable with time greater than 6 months in jail and/or court costs and fines. In Ohio, a criminal felony is generally categorized as follows:

Felony Process

There are various categories of criminal misdemeanor and criminal felony. The person that is charged with a criminal felony is called a defendant, and the prosecutor represents the state or county.

The criminal prosecutor makes the decision to dispose of a felony case by a plea bargain, dismissal, acquittal, or a criminal felony conviction. The various stages of criminal procedure with a felony are Preliminary Hearing, Arraignment, Grand Jury, Indictment, Pretrial, Scheduling Conference, Trial, and Sentencing.


After a person is charged with a crime, a felony Arraignment is set for the initial pleading of a crime. The criminal felony defendant has the following possible pleadings:

If a criminal felony defendant pleads not guilty, they may have a trial by the judge or a trial by jury (except minor misdemeanors where a trial by judge is required). In addition, Bail is set at arraignment with a Bail Hearing. The criminal felony defendant has the right to have a trial heard within a certain time limitation, unless the defendant voluntarily waives those time limitations.

Defendant's Right to Speedy Trial

As a criminal felony defendant, you have a right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution which requires that the felony trial be held within a certain time frame after a person has been charged with a felony crime. This right to speedy trial can be waived by asking for additional time for the preparation of your criminal felony defense. With limited exceptions, a criminal defendant should be brought to trial in Ohio within the following time frames:

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

You have a right to a trial where the criminal prosecutor must prove their felony case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Every criminal felony case has its own unique set of circumstances, and the strength or weakness of a criminal felony case depends on the specific facts and how those facts apply to the specific criminal law. Take the time to speak with a felony attorney to evaluate your criminal case.

As a Columbus Ohio Attorney, I assess what is going on with a client and determine if I can help them with their criminal felony charges. My criminal felony fees are based on the complexity of the case, but I try to competitively price my criminal felony fees in a reasonable, affordable, and efficient way. Please call me to set up a free initial consultation to learn more about criminal felony at:

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