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Dissolution Attorney Columbus Ohio

Often, people are confused on what to do, and how to begin the dissolution or legal separation process. Dissolution and Legal Separation are difficult times to encounter. As an experienced, licensed Columbus, Ohio attorney, I approach every dissolution client by listening to their needs, explaining how the law affects you in a dissolution, and helping you understand that there are options available with a dissolution or separation. The focus of my attention is on my client's needs.

Legal Separation

A legal separation occurs when there has been a severance of the marriage by either party moving out of the domicile home or a severance by other means. A legal separation can exist by formal proceedings with the court upon filing a Separation Agreement with specific Separation Agreement Provisions with the court. A legal separation does not end the marriage. It only puts the creditors on notice that there has been a separation of the married individuals. It does not extinguish any legal obligations on the marital debts, and it does not end the marriage.


Dissolution is also known as an uncontested divorce in Ohio. When there is an agreement between the parties of all marital property and marital debts, a dissolution can occur upon the filing of various documents with the court. In Ohio, a dissolution is commenced with the filing of a Complaint for Dissolution. However, a dissolution requires an agreement on an equitable distribution of all marital assets and debt. At any time in a dissolution, if there is a disagreement on any of the assets, debt, child support, or spousal supportprior to the time of court approval of the dissolution, the court can convert the dissolution into an action for divorce.

Dissolutions that are approved by a court order can end a marriage. However, some contractual loans, like a mortgage that is signed by both spouses, may still exist after a dissolution is approved. There are various options that can be explored with mortgage companies, such as refinancing, assumption loans, short sale, real estate sale, and foreclosure. Dissolutions need to deal with all marital obligations including child support, spousal support, and health insurance issues. During a marriage, if 2 parties sign a contract on an obligation, like a credit card or loan, the creditor sometimes has the option to release a party from contractual obligations.

Sometimes parties have the best intentions to ending the marriage partnership peacefully in a dissolution in Ohio, but negotiations between the parties break down because of the emotional involvement, memories, and history between the parties. When the negotiations break down in a dissolution in Ohio and the parties reach an impasse, a contested divorce may be the only option.

Spousal Support

Courts approach the issue of spousal support by considering various Spousal Support factors. Some of the factors include length of the marriage, disparity in income, need for support, and other factors. Various courts utilize different standards to determine the amount of spousal support and length of the spousal support. Most courts require a temporary spousal support motion and affidavits if the parties are not in agreement on spousal support.

Take the First Step

Taking the first step towards a new life is often the hardest step. I can guide you through the legal process in Ohio. I offer immediate and personalized service to help you resolve your legal matters in Ohio as quickly as possible.

In the free, initial consultation, I assess what is going on with a client and determine if I can help them. My fees are based on the complexity of the case, but I try to competitively price my fees in a reasonable, affordable, and efficient way. Please call me to set up a free initial consultation:

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Call: (614) 445-3000

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