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Galloway Ohio Attorney
Ronald A. Wittel, Jr.

In today's world, people are faced with extremely difficult problems every day. Most people feel overwhelmed by things that are beyond their control.

When choosing an attorney that serves clients in Galloway, Ohio, choose an attorney that does the following:

  • Focuses their attention on you,
  • Explains how the law affects you in a way you understand,
  • Evaluates if they can help you,
  • Helps you achieve the best possible outcome,
  • Understands what is best for your future,
  • Listens to your needs and your situation, and
  • Makes you feel comfortable to ask questions.

How I Can Help You

As an experienced, licensed attorney in Galloway, Ohio, I find solutions to difficult problems, and I focus my law practice in the following fields:

Take the First Step

Taking the first step towards a new life is often the hardest step. I can guide you through the legal process in Ohio. I offer immediate and personalized service to help you resolve your legal matters in Ohio as quickly as possible.

In the free, initial consultation, I assess what is going on with a client and determine if I can help them. My fees are based on the complexity of the case, but I try to competitively price my fees in a reasonable, affordable, and efficient way. Please call me to set up a free initial consultation:

Address: 1335 Dublin Rd., Ste. 211A, Columbus, OH 43215


Call: (614) 445-3000

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